Strategy - Unlocking Success: Visualisation and Goal Setting with StratSense

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Apps that help YOU make Sense of Strategy

Your Business Ideas
get perspective
Your Business idea needs to be seen in context.  The  frameworks leads you to understanding the market.

Strategy guides
Where appropriate, guidelines
and checklists are provided to
help you craft your strategy.

Tools designed with
the user in mind
it has never been easier
to craft strategy.
Software Products
BrandYou Software helps you vizualize and
track your goals.  Your mental preparation is
also catered for via included Coaching modules
                 and a wealth of online resources that are
exclusive to you.
Modified Ansoff Matrix Software leads
you in evaluating growth opportunities
and risks in Markets and Products.
Portfolio Analysis Software allows you to
visualize the Growth possibilities for your
. Consider where the products are
in their LifeCycle and where growth will come from.
PriceSensing Software allows you to measure
customer sensitivity to product prices - this
research tool will help you fine tuning your
                pricing strategy.

BrainNotes Software allows you to create
Visual Notes on Strategic Frameworks. This
is a tool that will help you master strategy.
With YOU in mind
Software is easy to use, You can be
up and running in very little time.

Low pricing reflects our commitment
to produce affordable software + the
"early bird" might benefit from discounts.

Free eBook covering the Modified
Ansoff Matrix theory and its application.
The book covers examples and provides
a template for pre-workshop preparation.

No Risk - if you are not satisfied with
the value of the software - Simply let
us know and we will give you a refund.
A supportive environment is provided
to address your questions.
Modified Ansoff Matrix
Portfolio Analysis
Portfolio Growth
Portfolio Growth
Price Sensitivity
Visual Notes on
Strategic Frameworks
You are a Brand
Plan to Succeed
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 19.99
$ 0.99

BrandYou Software
Coaching Books & Guides
Access to Customers' Area - Unique Content
The Total Package
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