FAQs - Unlocking Success: Visualisation and Goal Setting with StratSense

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1. How do I INSTALL the software?
You must first download the software from the StratSense website on page ...

You may also simply click the Download Trial Software button on the Home Page

Once the software is downloaded, you will find the install file (BrandYou.EXE) in your [Downloads] folder in the
Root directory.  Click on the file and follow the screen instructions.  We recommend that you select the [Quick Install] option.

2. How do I UNINSTALL the software?
To uninstall the software follow the following steps:
a. CLICK on the windows START button (at the bottom, left hand side, of your screen)
b. Find the BrandYou menu option and CLICK on it
c. Select the BrandYou menu option and RIGHT BUTTOM CLICK on it
d. one of the options on the drop-down menu window is UNINSTALL - Select this option
e. The BrandYou folder on your PC will be erased (Program is uninstalled)

3. How do I PURCHASE the software?
a. In order to purchase the software, please select the [SHOP] button on the [HOME] screen
b. Alternatively go straight to the [SHOP] page - click on [SHOP]
c. Please note that StratSense does NOT keep any information relating to your Credit Card. The transaction
   is processed directly via PayPal.

4. How do I ACTIVATE the Software?
a. You may TRY the software for 15 days BEFORE making a decision of when to BUY the software - There are
   no restrictions on the usage of the software during the TRIAL period.
b. Once you have purchased the software, please eMail Support@StratSense.com the REGISTRATION
   NUMBER shown on the TRIAL Screen of the software package (Run BrandYou - Click on the BrandYou Icon
   on your desktop). Please include YOUR NAME in the eMail.
c. You will receive an ACTIVATION key that you will be able to process as per step 4 below

5. How do I REGISTER the Software?
If the program is not yet registered, a TRIAL screen will be shown when you run the program.

a. There are 3 buttons on this screen, namely [TRY], [ORDER] and [REGISTER].   Select the [REGISTER] button.
b. The REGISTER Screen will ask you to enter the [UNLOCK CODE] and the [USER NAME] that StratSense
    eMailed you.
c. The software will be registered immediately - you will not see the TRIAL screen again...
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